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Parking Lots Archives

Published by Marie on December 14, 2015 4:30 PM

Bank-of-New-Hampshire-Case-Study-Blog-Image-12-10-15.jpgThe Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in New England is a premier concert venue with regular crowds on over 8,000 for shows all summer long. With large crowds comes the need for an improved video surveillance system, so Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion upgraded to an HD IP video surveillance system. By replacing their old CCTV system the security staff has drastically cut the response time to crowd incidents and increased the number of investigations by local law enforcement.

The area covered by the new surveillance system is large, but by monitoring live cameras in the control room, security personnel can monitor all areas at once:

  • Multiple parking lots
  • Overnight camping spots
  • VIP lounges
  • Tailgating areas
  • Vendor/merchandise areas
  • Two concert stages

The largest benefit of the new surveillance system is how easy it is to identify and export video if an incident happens. With the old CCTV system the security crew had to physically access each camera to download video which could take hours. Their new system takes just minutes to export files onto a USB stick to hand over to law enforcement.

Between the easier system management and the upgrade to high definition video, an essential part of identifying suspicious people in the videos, within six months the police had already launched a dozen investigations with more pending.

Read the full Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion case study.

Published by Marie on November 12, 2015 10:51 AM

License-Plate-Recognition-Image-10-12-15.jpgLicense plate recognition, or LPR, is an incredibly useful software feature that allows you to track traffic, control entry into your business, find stolen vehicles, and much more. But do you know how LPR works and when to use it?

License plate recognition software is based on a database - your camera captures video of the license plate numbers and then either stores it for later use, or compares it to an existing database. For example:

  • Secured & gated entrances, such as military bases or permit-based parking garages, will automatically compare each approaching vehicle's license plate to a database of authorized personnel, and only open the gates if that license plate number is on the list
  • Parking enforcement officials can record cars as they enter and park, giving them a video to refer to if cars go over the time limit or attempt in and out parking
  • Police and other law officials can review local traffic videos to search for the license plates of stolen vehicles or suspected cars in other crimes

To record these videos, however, you'll need a specialized system and camera setup. This includes:

  • Video management software with advanced options for license plate recognition
  • Cameras installed in locations that are at the right height to record license plates
  • Low speed limits for oncoming traffic, so the camera has long enough to focus on each car as it approaches
  • Proper lighting, either external or built-in IRs, to combat harsh overhead lighting in parking garages or dark shadows in underground structures

LPR is available on a wide range of video management software, including industry leading Milestone. Their Milestone XProtect LPR software includes database searching, filtering, and sorting, along with alarms if your system detects an unknown or blacklisted license plate.

Learn more about license plate recognition.

Published by Ellen on June 23, 2015 9:27 AM

Parking lots are a key area to monitor, and shouldn't be overlooked. If you run a business or oversee a facility where there's a parking lot, then it's important to keep tabs on what vehicles enter and exit the parking lot in case there's an accident, vandalism, or even car theft.

Another benefit of parking lot video surveillance is that it can help identify vehicles that do not pay their parking fees if there's a charge to utilize the parking lot. High-definition video surveillance systems are especially recommended because of their ability to see clear detail that makes license recognition possible.

Parking lot monitoring is also critical to ensuring the safety of your patrons or employees, who do not have access to their vehicles while they're away. In case a car is broken into or a vehicle hits another without stopping, you'll have the tools to review footage and see which car was responsible for the crime or issue.

Also, employees and/or patrons will put more trust into your business for employing parking lot surveillance, as it will make them feel more at ease when they leave their vehicles in your lot. So, increase safety, identify suspicious vehicles, and capture evidence by investing in a parking lot video surveillance system.


Published by Dan on October 24, 2008 9:35 AM

The Hertz Corporation has implemented a new video surveillance system that uses ioimage video analytics to protect its operation center in Israel, control access to restricted zones, and deter theft of vehicles and auto parts. The IP-based video surveillance system includes ioimage network cameras, multi-channel intelligent video encoders, and Command Center software which provides centralized video management and system-wide camera control.

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Published by Dan on January 3, 2008 10:29 AM

In response to a slew of vehicle break-ins, a Gold's Gym in Orange County, Fla. recently installed more than a dozen security cameras to watch over its parking lot. The added visual security has already paid off as at least five thieves have now been caught thanks to the new cameras.

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Published by Dan on December 28, 2007 9:17 AM

Parking garages can be dangerous places, especially at night when there aren't many folks around. Finding your car is hard enough, and when you consider the potential threats in these parking structures, it's easy to understand how security cameras could play a critical role when it comes to safety and protection. In Stamford, Conn. for instance, the city has made plans to install security cameras in each of its three downtown parking facilities.

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