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Video Surveillance for Enhanced Operations Management

Published by Marie on April 16, 2015 9:47 AM

If your business is looking to improve operations and increase profits, have you thought about using a video surveillance system? While traditionally used to deter crime, those same cameras can be used to monitor employee safety, improve quality control, and more.

In the newest whitepaper from we look into the many ways video surveillance can be used to help your business run better. With both industry-specific information and results-oriented suggestions, this free whitepaper helps you identify areas of improvement.

Do you own a retail store? We'll show you how a surveillance system and video software can help optimize your store layout, monitor customer flow and dwell time, and track store patterns to create better work schedules.

Or perhaps you run a manufacturing plant. Using surveillance video you could catch dangerous behavior before an accident happens, increasing workplace safety. Surveillance cameras can also be used for product testing in areas a human could not go because of temperature, materials, or location, improving your quality control.

The whitepaper also looks at hospitality, construction, restaurants, and food processing plants with ways to increase safety, reduce liability, and improve customer satisfaction. Video surveillance cameras can be used for more than just security, and will show you how.

Download our free Operations Management whitepaper.


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