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Video surveillance lesson of the day: don't come back for more

Published by Jennifer on June 26, 2007 8:05 AM

Two would-be robbers in Dalian City, China have learned a valuable lesson - never go back to the scene of the crime. As alluring as it may be, there will always be trouble awaiting. These two 21 year olds learned the hard way - they were arrested by the police.

The two friends robbed the proprietor of an e-game shop in Dalian City, a growing seaport in Northeastern China, making off with about 200 yuan (approx $26 USD) and a mobile phone. After making off with the loot, the two wondered if they had been captured on a security camera, and placed a bet (the loser having to treat the winner to karaoke - presumably with his half of the stolen cash). The next day, the two headed over to the shop to confirm their suspicions. And guess what? There was a security camera...and the shop owner had sent the footage to the police, who were waiting for the robber twins when they came back. No karaoke for either of them.

The shopkeeper, after being mauled by the two hooligans, retrieved the footage from his surveillance camera and let neighbors know to be on the watch for the suspicious characters (although, we can probably assume that these guys, if they were looking for $26 dollars for a karaoke-off, are pretty harmless) and forwarded it on to law enforcement. Their dumb decision to come back for more only highlights the power of the cameras, and the strengths of surveillance in identifying thieves and catching them.


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