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Video Surveillance Aids in Capture of Careless Art Thief

Published by Dan on March 27, 2007 10:27 AM

Brian John Perry is a man who knows what he likes, and takes what he wants. What the 42-year-old wanted this week was a framed painting of Mt. Hood on display in the Clackamas County Public Services Building in Oregon City, Ore. An avid skier, Perry was attracted to the painting which uses an assortment of shocking pastels to depict one of his favorite mountains, so he decided to steal it. Unfortunately for Perry, the building is outfitted with a video surveillance system, and his bold attempt at art thievery was captured on camera in great detail.

While Perry succeeded in walking out of the building with the painting, a number of images obtained from the surveillance video made it easy for Oregon City Police to track him down within 48 hours of the incident. The footage shows Perry entering the Clackamas County Public Services Building looking dapper in a brown suit. Later, he's seen admiring the collection of Mt. Hood-themed paintings by Brightwood artist Sue Allen that line the building's walls. Perry disappears from sight momentarily, before returning with one of the paintings tucked under his arm and wrapped in his sport coat. The video continues to expose the thief as he exits the building and sprints to his flamboyant getaway car â€" an aqua blue Porsche 911. Following a few nervous starts, stops, and jolts in the parking lot, Perry escapes with his prized painting.

After examining the surveillance footage, police paid a visit to the only man in town who owns an aqua blue Porsche 911. Officer Doug Dillar knocked on the door, found the painting on the floor, and arrested Perry who has since been charged with theft and burglary. While he awaits his fate, Perry has been given the opportunity to purchase the painting at the affordable price of $375.



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