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South Florida Thieves Say Uncle

Published by Dan on February 22, 2007 11:02 AM

Two criminals from the Miami area learned a tough lesson recently - don't steal from Uncle Bob.

After burglarizing a series of storage facilities without incident, the ill-fated duo of Anzagen Black, 48, and Henry J. Wright, 51, fouled up in there attempt to make hay at Uncle Bob's Self-Storage in Delray Beach. More secure than other facilities previously tagged by Black and Wright, Uncle Bob's is equipped with a video surveillance system that keeps a watchful eye out for such marauders. In this instance, a surveillance camera captured footage of the pair driving a brown Chevy van accessorized with white paneling and a ladder. That was all the police needed to track down the thieves, and their signature van, weeks later. Inside the vehicle, officers found a veritable yard sale of lawn equipment, power tools, and appliances -- a booty that could have come from Uncle Bob's or any number of facilities recently hit by the couple.

Black and Wright have been charged with three burglaries so far, and investigators predict the number of charges could increase by eleven when all is said and done.

Their successful capture demonstrates the effectiveness of video surveillance in storage areas like self-storage facilities and warehouses. Properly placed security cameras can deter criminals when visible, and can capture careless thieves in the act when unnoticed or disregarded.

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