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New Study: Video Surveillance Reduces Employee Theft

Published by Ellen on August 29, 2013 10:24 AM

In the newly released case study, "Cleaning House: The Impact of Information Technology Monitoring on Employee Theft and Productivity," three academic researchers found that restaurant surveillance has a significant impact on employee behavior, resulting in reduced employee theft and increased productivity.

The study focused on 392 restaurants in 39 states where it looked at the before-and-after effects of employee monitoring. With no surveillance system in place, restaurants experienced more employee theft, but once cameras were installed to observe employees, incidents of employee theft decreased.

As reported by the New York Times, analysts estimate that restaurant chains have a slim profit margin of roughly 2-5%. What's startling is that employee theft losses account for 1% of yearly revenue, reducing yearly earnings by a sizable amount.

Restaurants that did install an employee monitoring system saw revenue jump to an average of $2,982 per week, which equates to an increase of 7%. Over 630,000 restaurant server transactions were tracked during the course of the study, with the results proving that in-store surveillance cameras changes employee behavior for the good.


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