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Safeguard Your Cannabis Operation with HD Video Surveillance

Published by Ellen on July 8, 2015 9:24 AM

Cannabis-Industry-Blog-Image-7-2-15.jpg has helped marijuana dispensaries, producers, retailers, wholesalers, and processors protect their facilities with customized HD video surveillance systems. These facilities are required to meet stringent state regulations in order to obtain and keep their license to sell their product. Among these regulations include installing and maintaining a video surveillance system to monitor operations 24-7. is extremely knowledgeable in marijuana compliance laws, and will design a security camera system that not only meets compliance but provides a host of other benefits to ensure you, as the owner, are well protected against internal and external theft.

With a security camera system you will:

- Save time: With a security system, you can tap into your cameras from your smartphone device anytime and anywhere. This allows you to monitor live and recorded video and react faster to any potential problems.

- Better manage your marijuana business: You'll be able to identify places for improvement and institute changes by evaluating grow, production, or retail practices that slow business down. You can monitor crops to ensure they meet the highest standards in security, pinpoint unnecessary or poor growing practices, and even keep track of customer traffic.

- Improve loss prevention efforts: Deter would-be criminals from breaking into your facility & prevent employee theft by spotting dishonest employees. You'll obtain evidentiary video for any instances of theft, and decrease yearly losses by recovering stolen assets. An HD video surveillance system is capable of capturing identifying details of suspicious characters so you can make a positive identification.

Ready to learn more? has devoted an entire page to the medical marijuana industry, where you'll learn more about the day-to-day threats that cannabis facilities face.

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