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Razorback Stadium gets the full video surveillance treatment

Published by Dan on August 28, 2007 2:37 PM

Arkansas football fans won't be the only ones doing the watching when they attend Razorbacks games this fall. As they observe the players on the field, the fans themselves will be closely monitored by a new 60-camera surveillance system recently installed in Razorback Stadium.

University of Arkansas authorities view the stadium, which has a capacity of 70,000 fans, as a potential terrorist target. And like any venue that holds a significant number of people, there's always the potential for acts of crime, heated skirmishes, and other inappropriate activity. Working in conjunction with a force of 120 police officers and security personnel on hand at each Razorbacks game, the new surveillance system will help to greatly enhance stadium security on game day. The cameras will also prove useful in deterring theft and vandalism in and around the stadium, something that has been a problem especially when the facility isn't in use. A number of cameras will also monitor the facility's parking lots.

$115,000 in anti-terror money from the Department of Homeland Security was used to purchase and install the new security camera system.

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