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Event Surveillance Archives

Published by Marie on December 14, 2015 4:30 PM

Bank-of-New-Hampshire-Case-Study-Blog-Image-12-10-15.jpgThe Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in New England is a premier concert venue with regular crowds on over 8,000 for shows all summer long. With large crowds comes the need for an improved video surveillance system, so Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion upgraded to an HD IP video surveillance system. By replacing their old CCTV system the security staff has drastically cut the response time to crowd incidents and increased the number of investigations by local law enforcement.

The area covered by the new surveillance system is large, but by monitoring live cameras in the control room, security personnel can monitor all areas at once:

  • Multiple parking lots
  • Overnight camping spots
  • VIP lounges
  • Tailgating areas
  • Vendor/merchandise areas
  • Two concert stages

The largest benefit of the new surveillance system is how easy it is to identify and export video if an incident happens. With the old CCTV system the security crew had to physically access each camera to download video which could take hours. Their new system takes just minutes to export files onto a USB stick to hand over to law enforcement.

Between the easier system management and the upgrade to high definition video, an essential part of identifying suspicious people in the videos, within six months the police had already launched a dozen investigations with more pending.

Read the full Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion case study.

Published by Ellen on December 1, 2014 3:53 PM

There's so much to learn about surveillance technology, isn't there? Learn the basics by browsing our comprehensive selection of informational resources available throughout our website, including Solutions by Industry and Solutions by Application.

This week's featured Solutions by Application page is on event video surveillance and how investing in leading-edge HD security cameras can help control hundreds to thousands of fans and spectators at shows. Crowd control is serious security risk that shouldn't be taken lightly; one misunderstanding or argument between two people in a large crowd can escalate in seconds, leading to physical altercations and other crimes among the masses. Protect the attendees and instill a safe environment by considering a surveillance system at your next show or event.

Published by Dan on August 28, 2007 2:37 PM

Arkansas football fans won't be the only ones doing the watching when they attend Razorbacks games this fall. As they observe the players on the field, the fans themselves will be closely monitored by a new 60-camera surveillance system recently installed in Razorback Stadium.

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