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2014 Archives

December 19, 2014

We've added several new IP surveillance cameras to the store, to help ensure we have a camera for all our customer's security needs.

If you're looking for a covert camera to secure your retail store, the new Axis P8524 camera is disguised as a height strip that attaches to a door frame. Or do you need to monitor an entire room, tracking all entrances and exits? The Vivotek FD8164V 2MP fisheye camera provides a 360 degree view with one camera. If you're looking for a powerful but small camera for discreet surveillance, the new Optica B122 mini bullet camera features 720p HD resolution.

For indoor vandal-resistant housing, there are several new options. The Axis P3214-V has 720p HD resolution while the Axis P3215-V has 1080p HD resolution, and both cameras come in an IK08-rated housing. If you need something more durable, the indoor Axis P3365-V camera has 1080p HD resolution and an IK10-rated housing.

The same cameras are also available in vandal-resistant outdoor models, so check out the Axis P3214-VE, Axis P3215-VE, and Axis P3365-VE. The new camera from Vivotek, the FD8164V, also comes in an outdoor and vandal-resistant housing, along with built-in IR illuminators for nighttime recording.

Check out these new cameras in our online store, or call our surveillance experts today!


December 17, 2014

Did you know there are a variety of ways to take advantage of video surveillance cameras? We have an extensive background providing high-quality security camera systems for unique or specialty applications. Examples of these applications include wildlife monitoring, weather tracking, tourism, time-lapse videos, and more.

At, our project consultants have helped install HD camera systems in all corners of the world, including Beijing, China where they are currently being used to monitor the breeding patterns of Giant Pandas. We're proud to have worked with projects of all sizes, and are prepared to help your organization leverage the power of video surveillance systems today. Call us now to speak with one of our seasoned experts.

December 9, 2014

It may sound complicated, but a camera's form factor just describes the camera's body type. These can range from dome cameras to PTZ and bullet, and knowing the different types will help you select the best camera for your surveillance needs.

Cameras can generally fall into several categories, so you can narrow down your search. Do you want an indoor or outdoor camera? Does it need to be vandal proof? How about covert? Or do you need to monitor a large space, and want a PTZ camera? Asking these questions as you shop will help you focus on a camera specially designed for your video needs and environment.

Learn more about Camera Form Factors, or contact our IP video specialists today to start designing a surveillance system.


December 5, 2014

Every employer must obey laws enforced by the Occupational Safety and Hazard Association (OSHA). An HD video surveillance system is recommended as an effective solution to mitigate hazardous conditions and safety risks in the workplace. Managers or company owners can monitor their workplace with ease by tapping into their camera system from a laptop or mobile device whenever they want, wherever they want. This incredibly convenient feature of IP video surveillance is a must-have for today's busy entrepreneurs who are often not onsite to ensure the safety and protection of employees. Our seasoned experts have written an application page on Employee Safety to give you a better understanding on the importance of installing workplace security cameras. To learn more about employee safety and how surveillance can provide solid evidence of problematic situations, see our application page now.

Employee Safety.jpg

December 3, 2014

Surveillance cameras use different camera lenses to record different styles of video, the same way you would use different lenses on a camera while taking photos to achieve different effects. The location of your surveillance camera, and the scene it's monitoring, will help you determine which lens type is best.

A fixed lens does not move, so you cannot change the field of view or focal length. This type of lens will record normal video, similar to what a human eye would see. A varifocal lens is adjustable, allowing you to adapt the camera to its location for the best video quality. A zoom lens is also adjustable, but is designed to remain in focus while moving the focal point.

Whether you want to record large-area wide angle video or super focused telephoto video for facial or license plate recognition, learn more about security camera lenses.

December 1, 2014

There's so much to learn about surveillance technology, isn't there? Learn the basics by browsing our comprehensive selection of informational resources available throughout our website, including Solutions by Industry and Solutions by Application.

This week's featured Solutions by Application page is on event video surveillance and how investing in leading-edge HD security cameras can help control hundreds to thousands of fans and spectators at shows. Crowd control is serious security risk that shouldn't be taken lightly; one misunderstanding or argument between two people in a large crowd can escalate in seconds, leading to physical altercations and other crimes among the masses. Protect the attendees and instill a safe environment by considering a surveillance system at your next show or event.

November 25, 2014

Video surveillance has proven to be a successful security solution for an array of industries, from retail and business to factories and agriculture. Rob Cleminson, a seasoned IP video expert at, was recently featured in a news segment on the widely popular agriculture-focused radio station called American Ag Network with host Dave Russell. The topic -- On-farm Security -- underscored the advantages of IP video surveillance, specifically wireless surveillance systems on farmland. Modern farmers have several options when it comes to the implementation of a security camera system on their property, and that's due in part to IP video predominating the security camera market. IP, or network video, eliminates the need for cumbersome wires or cable trenching.

Listen to our article here:

November 24, 2014

If you want to record traffic in parking lots and garages, or track visitors as they move around your store, frames per second is an important camera spec to look at.

Frames per second, also known as FPS, is the measurement of how many frames, or images, per second you camera can record. The higher the frame rate, the smoother the video will be even with fast moving objects. The standard is 30 fps, but some cameras can record as high as 60 fps.

Want to learn more? Check out the new Frames Per Second technology page.

November 20, 2014

As part of our unswerving commitment to deliver helpful security resources to our customers, we've added new application pages for video surveillance systems. Among them include:

-Facility Protection
-Employee Safety
-Event Surveillance
-Other Video Projects
-Public Safety

Our proven knowledge in helping companies mitigate threats through surveillance has allowed us to serve a pivotal role in multiple industries. These application pages provide a glimpse of how you can successfully stretch the use of your surveillance system.

We encourage you to check out our comprehensive guide to surveillance applications now to familiarize yourself with the advantages of installing IP security cameras at your facility.

Applications - VS .jpg

December 29, 2014

Utilizing Milestone video management software (VMS) and over a thousand Axis IP cameras, New Zealand's Restaurant Brands has reduced theft, improved quality control, and optimized store workflow with a new video surveillance system.

Installed in 180 sites which include KFC, Carl's Jr., Starbucks, and Pizza Hut, the system allows store managers to access live surveillance video at any time. This has allowed them to monitor each location's peak hours to maximize profit, reduce workplace accidents, and deter both customer and employee theft.

"Although there was no target set for loss prevention, there was a remarkable increase to the net profit after the installation of the Milestone video system. The main benefits of the software included user responsiveness and the open platform architecture that will enable us to integrate with other systems in the future," said Geoff Holton, Commercial IT Manager. Read more.

If you're interested in installing Milestone software in your own fast food location to improve profits and reduce theft, contact our VMS experts today!

December 23, 2014

The video surveillance industry may be quickly moving toward IP equipment, but that doesn't mean your older analog system has to go. Hybrid NVRs allow you to connect both CCTV cameras and IP cameras to the same system while giving you the benefits of IP.

Milestone has two new hybrid NVRs, giving you a range of channel options. The Milestone Husky M30 NVR supports 16 analog channels and 4 IP channels, and 6 TB of storage. For larger surveillance systems the Milestone Husky M50 NVR supports 32 analog channels and 16 IP channels, with 16 TB of storage.

Both the M30 and M50 feature remote access, which allows you to log into and monitor your system from any computer, smart phone, or tablet. They come preloaded with Milestone XProtect software, and include a three year software upgrade plan. As your surveillance system continues to grow, Milestone software and products are ONVIF compatible so you can easily add new cameras and equipment.


November 19, 2014

With their plug-and-play design and high quality resolution, the newest Verix HD Analog Systems from are ideal for homeowners and small businesses.

These systems come pre-packaged with everything you need, so you'll never worry about having the right cables. Each system includes cameras, a DVR for storing video, camera power supplies and wall mounts, and power/data cables to connect the cameras to the DVR.

We've added three new systems, designed to fit small to mid-sized surveillance needs. The Verix HD Analog 4-Camera System has four cameras and a 500GB hard drive. If you require more than four cameras, try the Verix HD Analog 8-Camera System, featuring a larger 1TB hard drive. And if you need to monitor a larger house or office, the Verix HD Analog 16-Camera System comes with a 2TB hard drive so you can confidently store video from all 16 cameras.


October 27, 2014

For Axis cameras in the P13 line, like the Axis P1355 or Axis P1357, the focus assist can help you focus the camera without having to view live video, making the process easier and faster. This color coordinated process is simple to use, and this quick Axis Communications Academy video will show you how:

October 17, 2014

New York City is leveraging its existing security camera system to the fullest by counting the number of footsteps of pedestrians in areas with the highest number of commuters. The city believes that the data, recorded by the surveillance cameras already installed in strategic locations, will give law enforcement and government officials valuable information to help curtail urban problems Some of these problems, among others, include public safety and trash collection. Watch the video below to learn more about the new citywide project:

October 16, 2014

Do you know what the difference is between a camera's frame rate and its shutter speed? These settings are important to getting clear, steady videos and Axis is here to help you learn!

Frame rate is the number of frames, or images, a camera captures per second. Shutter speed determines how much, or how little, light is let into the camera.

Watch this 60-second video from Axis to learn more:

October 9, 2014

It doesn't matter if you own or operate a retail business; regular office buildings and suites are also prime targets for thieves. According to a recent news report by, three businesses in Fremont, California (Black Magic Design, Mac House Productions, and Core Microsystems) had hundreds of thousands of dollars of office equipment stolen by a group of suspects. Law enforcement claims that these were savvy thieves with experience in this type of theft by acting fast and knowledgeable in what they were doing. The good news is that Mac Productions' video surveillance cameras successfully recorded the entire incident, with a $10,000 reward offered to anyone who can identify and turn the suspects in to police.

"Lots of cameras and all our lenses are pretty much gone. They [thieves] cleaned out the entire gear room. My mics, like little things that add up. They're little things, but thousands of dollars for each little item," said the owner of Mac House Productions. What has presumably happened to all the stolen items? Police suspect that the equipment will be headed to China, and that the suspects were well-versed in the value of the gear they stole.

At Core Microsystems, the thieves sawed through drywall to get inside. While they worked on gaining access to the office, they also cut the wires of the network servers and phone lines. In this case, the thieves stole $200,000 of items from the business.

Law enforcement officials believe that the surveillance recording of the suspects will garner new information from viewers, and hopefully lead to an arrest. The video of the suspects can be seen on the ABC7 News site.

October 1, 2014

Whether you're securing a large college campus on need to keep an eye on remote buildings on your property, wireless surveillance systems make it easy to connect cameras over long distances. Using a system of wireless antennas and base stations, your system will send and receive data for up to 10 miles.

To help you better understand this powerful technology and its uses, has released a new guide to wireless video surveillance. This guide covers how the systems work, what surveillance situations are ideal candidates for wireless systems, and how your business can benefit.

Download the Wireless Surveillance PDF now, or call our experts at (866) 945-6808 to start designing a custom wireless video surveillance system today.

June 4, 2014

Again and again, continues to fortify its reputation as a true expert in IP video technology. Yahoo Tech! featured an article on June 4, 2014 highlighting the domestication of surveillance cameras, and utilized as a source for information on the latest trends. You can read the article here - Yahoo Tech! Article.


May 27, 2014

Public transit systems across the country are increasing the number of video surveillance cameras on buses and subways to deter criminal activity and reduce liability lawsuits.

An article featured on highlighted how virtual security integrators like are playing a critical role in helping mass transit departments switch from less dependable analog video systems to IP surveillance. As a result, public transit systems are able to gather stronger video evidence, attributable to HD resolution, only found on IP camera systems. Read the full article on the website.


May 14, 2014

Our pre-configured 4 and 8 camera video surveillance systems have been updated with new IP cameras and NVRs for easy installation and professional-level surveillance. Each system comes with cameras, a NVR featuring Milestone Essential VMS software, and all the cables you need to install the system.

The 4-camera systems are specially designed to monitor a small business or home, and come with a variety of indoor and outdoor cameras. For larger businesses, our 8-camera systems make it easy to monitor a lobby, back room, and parking lot.

Our wireless systems also received an update, with a new NVR running Milestone Essential for system management and easy remote access from a computer, smart phone, or tablet. Wireless systems are available in 4 camera and 8 camera configurations, or you can customize a system to fit your surveillance needs.

For outdoor recording in harsh conditions, our 4-camera Pro Extreme Weather Outdoor System and 8-camera Pro Extreme Weather Outdoor System come with durable Optica DV240M dome cameras. These specialized outdoor cameras can work in temperatures as low as -31 F and as high as 122 F, and are protected from rain, snow, hail, and dust.

Shop video surveillance systems on


May 14, 2014

Since the installation of over 17,000 security cameras in its stations and vehicles, SEPTA has significantly reduced annual losses from bogus injury and damages claims reports the Security Industry Administration (SIA).

Notably, between 2012 and 2013, SEPTA recorded that the amount it had spent on claims dropped by $11 million, with its overarching goal of saving 4-5% more this fiscal year. Reaching this goal would drop claim payments down to $9 million, calculates the SIA.

Acting General Counsel Gino Benedetti says, "Not only is the payout going down, but somewhat more importantly, the number of claims and the number of lawsuits is going down." This suggests that the surveillance cameras have acted as an effective deterrent to passengers who want to take advantage of the system.

The footage of reported incidents, typically made by passengers, is carefully scrutinized by SEPTA lawyers as well the district attorney's office. The surveillance footage allows them to review exactly what happened to determine if the claim carries weight. If the claim is deemed fraudulent, the case is thrown out. It's a win-win for SEPTA.


May 7, 2014

Have you ever wondered how your surveillance camera actually works? It's a complicated system of turning light into electrical impulses, but our new Learning Center pages can help you understand how cameras work.

The first step in creating a video is controlling the amount of light that enters the camera lens. This process is controlled by the camera iris. The larger the opening the iris creates, the more light is allowed in; a smaller opening allows in less light. Too much light can wash out your images, and too little light creates images that are too dark.

After the light has entered the camera through the iris, it hits the image sensor where the light is turned into the electrical impulses that actually make up the video. The image sensor is made up of dozens of pixels, each one recording how much light it's exposed to. The light/dark sections of each pixel come together to form the video you see.

Once the video is recorded, it has to be compressed. Video compression is the process of using a codec to go through the video file to reduce or eliminate unnecessary parts of the file, so the final video is smaller. This compressed file allows you to store more videos on your hard drive, send video files more easily over your network, and view them remotely from your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

April 30, 2014

Designed with HD resolution and a compact dome for discreet indoor surveillance, two new IP security cameras from Optica have been added to the store.

The Optica D122 day/night indoor camera features 720P HD resolution, along with many user-friendly features including PoE for easy installation and on-board storage. The D122 also comes with three important features for clear recording in challenging light conditions: IR-cut filter for automatically adjusting from daytime to nighttime recording, built-in IR illuminators, and Wide Dynamic Range for balanced lighting.

The second new Optica camera, the Optica D224M day/night IP camera, comes with 1080P HD resolution at 30 fps for clear surveillance video. The compact size of the camera (only 4.6 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall) allows the camera to record HD video while being discreet in your store or office. The auto-focus lens means you'll have focused video, while the same nighttime features found in the D122 gives you clear video day or night.


April 29, 2014

If you're looking for a NVR to manage a small video surveillance system and want the advantages of cloud storage, the new Eagle Eye Cloud NVR may be the right option for you. This unique NVR supports up to 15 HD IP cameras, and utilizes Eagle Eye's secure cloud storage to save your videos on the cloud so you can easily access files at any time from your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

The NVR can store up to two days of video files on the hard drive. After that time, videos files are automatically moved to Eagle Eye's cloud server, freeing up hard drive space for future video files. When moving the files to cloud storage, the Eagle Eye Cloud NVR can do it on a schedule you set, allowing you to move files at night when the office is closed so the NVR can use all available network bandwidth without slowing it down for your employees during working hours.

Call our surveillance experts today at (866) 945-6808 to learn more about the Eagle Eye Cloud NVR.


April 24, 2014

This week we have added four new Ubiquiti airMAX antennas, designed to extend the range of your outdoor wireless surveillance system. When used with Ubiquiti RocketM radios, the antennas can create a powerful base station for sending and receiving data via your wireless network.

There are four models available, each with a different wireless range for shorter to long distances: the Ubiquiti AM-5G116-120 antenna, the Ubiquiti AM-5G17-90 antenna, the Ubiquiti AM-5G19-120 antenna, and the Ubiquiti AM-5G20-90 antenna.

Outfitted with Ubiquiti's Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) protocol, the airMAX antennas use a pre-set schedule based on your network needs to send and receive data with maximum efficiency and reduced latency.

Shop our newest Ubiquiti products online, or call today to speak with our wireless experts for help designing a system.


April 22, 2014 and CommunityCam were featured on the local KGW Portland news station, discussing the recent expansion into Boston. At this time, the crowed-sourced map has over 1000 cameras mapped in the downtown Boston area.

After the bombing at the 2013 Boston Marathon, public safety has been a growing concern in Boston and CommunityCam aimed to help runners and spectators know where video surveillance cameras were located along the marathon course. Watch the full video below to learn more about CommunityCam.

March 27, 2014 was recently featured on the Portland Business Journal website, discussing the business' growth and the IP camera industry. has customers in 48 countries worldwide, with 125 customers just in the Portland, Oregon area.

According to President Josh Daniels, "If you think about how important smart phones and tablets have become, IP video surveillance plays right into that. It allows people to access their surveillance through these devices anywhere and anytime."

Along with providing professional IP camera surveillance systems, the crowd-sourced camera mapping program CommunityCam is working to help people locate security cameras that may have recorded a crime or accident.

Read the full article online.


March 19, 2014

If you're looking for powerful new video surveillance cameras and NVRs, we recently added new products to the online store!

For durable cameras, new Axis Q60-S PTZ dome cameras come in a special stainless steel housing that withstands corrosion from salt water and harsh cleaning chemicals. The Axis Q6044-S offers 720p HD resolution and 30x optical zoom, while the Axis Q6045-S model has 1080p HD resolution and 20x optical zoom. The camera domes can also be filled with pressurized nitrogen gas to prevent internal condensation and create a non-flammable environment.

If your camera doesn't have to be quite that resilient, the Vivotek FD8371EV camera is designed for outdoor surveillance with an IP66 and IK10-rated housing to withstand weather and vandalism. This camera has 3MP resolution at 30 fps (1080p at 60 fps) for detailed video surveillance, and built-in IR illuminators for recording at night.

And if you need a NVR to manage your new surveillance cameras, industry-leading Milestone has introduced their new Husky line. The Husky M10 supports up to 8 cameras, and comes with 1TB of storage. For larger systems with more cameras, the Husky M30 allows you to choose either 10 or 20 camera channels. And for enterprise systems with large numbers of cameras and security equipment, the Husky M50 has options for 10, 20, 40, or 80 camera channels. All Husky NVRs come with a three year software upgrade plan and manufacturer warranty, and support Milestone XProtect VMS software and add-ons.

March 6, 2014

We've added new technology pages to the Learning Center, so you can better understand how IP surveillance cameras work! These technology pages explain what the camera or software feature is, how it works, and some suggested applications.

If you're looking to save time while reviewing surveillance videos, our new Smart Search page explains how you can set up searches to look only for motion in the videos that matches you search settings. This helps you quickly find only relevant videos, and prevents time spent manually watching each clip.

Worried about your surveillance camera being vandalized? Tamper detection settings in your camera can be set up to send you alerts when the camera is hit, the view is blocked, or the camera focus is obscured. These alerts let you know when something has happened, so you can log into your system to see the problem.

If you are recording surveillance video in a narrow area like a hallway, stairwell, or down a long driveway, Corridor Format may help you get the best quality video from your camera. This unique way of recording video uses a vertical orientation, so your camera can focus on the area in front of it and not the walls or blank spaces it would record with the standard horizontal format.

Screenshot of Axis Corridor Format:

February 24, 2014

If your video surveillance system is managed by Milestone XProtect VMS software, then this feature might appeal to your organization or business. Video Push, a Milestone Mobile Client add-on feature, makes it even easier to collect video evidence by using your own mobile device's camera. This feature is beneficial to several applications, including parking lot monitoring, building surveillance, event security, and more.

As a way to obtain further video evidence, you can record an incident or investigation with your smartphone (i.e. an Android or iPhone) through Milestone Video Push. You can send the recorded video stream to your Milestone XProtect video management system, where you'll be able to take advantage of the same high-level features that apply to your IP surveillance cameras like sequence explorer and video timeline searches.

The innovative feature is a must-have for security officers and managers when out patrolling. Learn more about Video Push by clicking here.

Video Push Screenshot

January 22, 2014

Just yesterday, released a new case study focusing on a car dealership's decision to arm its facility with high-definition IP cameras.

With no surveillance system to watch over its dealership, showroom, and indoor offices, Instant Auto Finance sought out the expertise of to design a security solution that included eight outdoor cameras and two indoor cameras, including a PTZ camera with mobile viewing capability.

Prior to investing in an IP camera system, Instant Auto Finance had a car stolen off its lot, prompting the need for outdoor security. Once Instant Auto Finance deployed the new indoor/outdoor system configured by, the company was able to use it to identify an individual suspected of stealing cash inside the building.

You can read the entire story by visiting our Case Studies page. You'll also find several other case studies, highlighting our work with a number of reputable companies and organizations.

Below is an actual view of the company's showroom through the eyes of a HD PTZ camera. The system's mobile viewing app allows the user to check in on live video feed at any time.


January 3, 2014

The elementary and middle schools in the tight-knit town of Welches, Oregon have upgraded security over the holiday break, which includes a brand new surveillance camera system located in the front entrance area.

The new camera system will be trained on school visitors, enabling office personnel to monitor the visitor vestibule and speak with all guests before allowing them into the school.

As reported in the Mountain Times, Principal Kendra Payne remarked, "I think all of our community and parents are supportive of keeping our students safe; I know we feel more secure in the office."

Prior to the increase in security, visitors were able to come into the school and pick up their children without proper identification. Now, parents will need to wait in the vestibule to speak with office personnel before their children are released to them.

September 10, 2014

Onboard recording is becoming a popular security measure by recording video evidence of altercations between passengers on public transportation, driver misconduct, and even police activity when pulling over cars. When it comes to onboard surveillance, there are a few key features to look for: HD quality, a protective housing, and audio recording.

With 720p HD resolution, the Axis P3904-R M12 camera can record clear, detailed surveillance video. Ideal for use on city busses, subway trains, and cars, this camera comes with a rugged M12 connector to ensure that the bumps and shocks of driving won't disrupt the camera's power supply.

If you need even higher high definition resolution, the Axis P3905-R features 1080p HD resolution. The IP67-rated housing allows the camera to record in any situation, protecting it from extreme changes in temperature, dust and debris, and vibrations from driving.

Do you need to record audio along with the surveillance video? The Axis P3915-R camera combines HD resolution with an audio input to connect an external microphone. If your vehicle will endure especially rough terrain, the Axis P3915-R M12 comes with the rugged M12 connector.

For clear recording on all types of vehicles, these Axis cameras also come equipped with Traffic Light Mode. This allows the camera to record color video even in low light, so you can clearly make out the colors on traffic signals. If you will use the video as evidence in an accident, seeing the traffic signals can play an important role in figuring out who was at fault.

If you're interested in learning more about secure onboard surveillance, contact one of our experts today!

August 20, 2014 is pleased to announce that Jackson Kelner of Minnetonka, Minnesota is this year's winner of our annual college scholarship program. Jackson will be attending Washington University in St. Louis this fall as a freshman. The scholarship asked students to answer in a 250-word essay how surveillance cameras can help increase campus safety. Here's an excerpt from Jackson's essay:

"I would assign multiple officers to the main control center to monitor cameras 24/7. Although it would certainly be difficult to monitor every single camera, I would implement modern video analytics that would alert the officers when there was bizarre or suspicious behavior. Also, along with the 24/7 monitors, I would be sure to make all of these cameras available to the mobile officers around campus."

Congratulations Jackson! Stay tuned for details on next year's scholarship fund.

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