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Bank Security Camera Systems

For good reason, banks are often seen as the most secure institutions on the planet. We entrust them with our money, and it's their job to keep it safe. In order to fulfill this commitment, top-notch bank video surveillance systems are a necessity. With recent innovations in digital technology and IP surveillance, many banks are looking to increase the effectiveness of their security systems by investing in this new technology.

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Benefits of Credit Union Surveillance Equipment

Prevent robberies – Banks continue to be high-stakes targets for criminals looking for a big payout. The proper bank video surveillance setup can help to deter robberies, or—in a worst case scenario—provide important images and evidence to law enforcement.

Crime investigation – In instances of robbery and fraud, recorded bank security camera images can be used to identify and track down suspects.

Prevent check fraud – IP video surveillance systems with advanced video analytics such as facial recognition are helping to fight the problem of check fraud at banks by recording transaction data and capturing images of offenders. This information can be used to identify criminals and helps in protecting customer accounts.

Combat "phantom ATM withdrawals" – It's not uncommon for bank customers to report suspicious ATM withdrawals where money has been taken from their accounts without their knowledge. Bank security cameras which record every ATM transaction can provide answers.

Coordinate info from multiple locations – Modern bank video surveillance systems allows footage from multiple branches to be transmitted to a central monitoring room, or viewed over the Internet.

Integration with alarm systems – With modern surveillance systems, bank security cameras and alarm systems can be integrated into a single network.

Intelligent functionality – Intelligent security cameras with video analytics such as motion sensing, facial recognition, and behavioral recognition can be used effectively to identify suspicious or abnormal activity in and around the bank..

Digital storage – With digital technology, storage and management of surveillance footage is more efficient, convenient, and accessible, allowing for advanced search techniques that help in pinpointing specific incidents and identifying suspects with greater ease and speed.

Continuous surveillance – Bank security cameras allow for continuous surveillance of banking facilities, providing protection outside of typical workday hours. This is especially helpful for ATMs which are accessed by customers 24 hours a day.

Data recognition – Video surveillance systems that use digital technology are capable of advanced forms of data-recognition that prove useful for searching video footage for specific bank transactions and images of particular individuals.

Enhanced customer confidence – The more secure a bank is, the more confident its customers will be. An effective bank video surveillance system goes a long way in enhancing this sense of security.

Remote access – IP surveillance allows for remote monitoring of live and archived video footage from any computer with an Internet connection and access to the network.

Bank Video Surveillance - Risks

Over reliance – While video surveillance is incredibly helpful in protecting a bank's assets, employees, and customers, it's important that security cameras are not relied on too heavily. Other security practices must also be in place, and the facilities should be properly staffed with security personnel.

Privacy – Banks are public places that demand high security, and the use of video surveillance within them is a widely accepted practice. Private locations such as bathrooms however are considered off limits to security cameras.

Tampering – If a criminal tampers with a bank security camera, a lapse in recording can occur. It's important that other security measures are in place should such an incident occur.

Bank Video Surveillance - Considerations

In order to properly protect a financial institution with video surveillance, a number of different areas must be closely monitored. This can include everything from entrances and exits to teller windows and exterior ATMs. The following factors should be considered when establishing a bank's video surveillance system:

  • What type of security systems are currently in place at the bank?
  • Are there 24-hour ATMs on the premises?
  • Does the bank feature an on-site police officer or other security personnel?
  • Is there a parking lot attached to the bank?
  • Are tellers positioned behind windows, or out in the open?
  • What security measures are taken during non-banking hours?
  • Does the bank have a history of incidents involving check fraud?
  • Have there been reports of fraudulent ATM transactions?
  • Has the bank been victim to robbery attempts?

How to set up Security Cameras at your Bank Branch

  • Place surveillance cameras at entrances and exits in order to capture images of each bank customer coming and going.
  • Situate security cameras at all ATMs to gather clear pictures of individual customer faces.
  • Capture video footage of all bank transactions by closely monitoring teller areas.
  • Use surveillance cameras to provide an overall view of the bank lobby.
  • Make sure the safe is thoroughly monitored by security cameras.
  • Consider investing in advanced video analytics such as motion sensing and behavioral recognition to assist in spotting suspicious activity. Facial recognition can also prove helpful for identifying and tracking specific individuals, for instance those suspected of check fraud.
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