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Our video surveillance systems allow you to view video of your business or organization directly from your smartphone or tablet.

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Convenience & Ease of Use

As a business owner, one of your top priorities is protecting your property against theft and break-ins as well as dishonest employees. Thanks to advancements in IP video technology, you don’t have to be at your place of business to keep an eye on things. You can easily tap into your entire camera system from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Benefits of Mobile Surveillance

Access Wherever You Go - Many people use their smartphone as they would a PC or laptop. What can be more advantageous about this method is that you can check up on your IP camera system from places where it wouldn’t be possible with a PC or laptop such as the grocery store, gym, the mall, and in the car (not while driving, of course!).

Fast & Simple - In just a couple of clicks, you can monitor and manage all of your IP cameras. Once installed, most mobile surveillance apps make it incredibly easy to view your live video feed and even search and scroll through previously recorded video. By simply touching your screen, you can easily slide through multiple camera views and configure them in different display modes for utmost convenience.

No PC or Laptop Needed - As mentioned above, you don’t need an actual PC or laptop to access your video in real-time. So, forget about stopping by the office, driving to your library, logging on to your computer at home, or bringing your laptop to your hotel. You can do all your monitoring from a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

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Benefits of Remote Surveillance

More Features, Better Control - On a smartphone device, users typically rely on an app to access their IP camera system, whereas on a PC or Mac you can log into a web interface and/or cloud service, which tend to offer a much more comprehensive selection of features than an iPhone security camera app does. There are several advantages to using remote monitoring, such as being able to export video, continuous and scheduled recording, faster download times, and higher frames per second.

Higher Resolution, Larger Screen - You’re not going to get the same quality of video on a handheld device as you would on a PC, plain and simple. It can be more challenging to depict the video on a smartphone, and thus easier to miss something incredibly important because of the size of your screen. Depending on the app, one can digitally zoom on an image to see a close-up view.

Experts at What we Do

For more information on how you can take advantage of remote & mobile monitoring give us a quick call or send an email now. One of our IP video experts will carefully assess your needs and budget to determine the best possible surveillance solution for your project.

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