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Prevent businesses losses from copper theft on construction sites and electric utility sites with a modern, professional security system.

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Prevent Copper Theft

Copper theft is a common problem on construction sites and with electric utilities companies, but your business doesn't need to be a victim — a modern, updated security system with real-time monitoring by trained security professionals can help you be aware of what happens on your site and react quickly to prevent theft.

Stop Copper Thieves

There are many ways copper theft can harm a business:

  • Loss of materials or tools, which need to be replaced
  • Loss of time as you must redo work damaged by the thieves
  • Loss of money from contractual penalties for projects completed late

So what can you do to stop theft? Increasing a business's security system will help you know instantly when someone enters your work site.

Video Security

Video surveillance cameras are common features in security systems, allowing you or your security team to monitor an entire work site remotely. With alerts set up when motion is detected, you'll know when anyone trespasses onto your site.

Virtual Guards

Our construction tower security solutions employee trained professional security personnel to monitor your system in real time, allowing them to react quickly when anything happens. Our remote guards are trained to watch for criminal activity.

Police Involvement

If a crime is spotted, you or the virtual guards can call the police and have the surveillance video in hand.

Experts at What We Do

To learn more about preventing copper theft, give us a call to speak to one of our security experts. We will assess your needs and budget to determine the best solution for your project.

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