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Outdoor perimeter security systems are designed to provide you reliable 24/7 monitoring of your outdoor properties and grounds to protect your business.

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Outdoor Perimeter Security

Outdoor perimeter security can be maintained in a variety of ways including guards who walk the grounds, locked gates and entrances with alarms, and surveillance solutions to monitor the grounds.

Using one or all of these solutions together will be a key part of increasing your business security, a central tenant to reducing the risk your business faces from crime.

Importance of Outdoor Security

With entrances and exits into buildings, storage for materials, and parking lots or garages, many businesses are at risk when it comes to their outdoor perimeter security. Increasing your security system to protect not just the materials you may keep inside a building can:

  • Reduce theft & loss of materials
  • Improve business operations
  • Prevent expensive downtime to repair damage
  • Protect high-value business assets

What can Perimeter Security Systems Do?

Outdoor perimeter systems can include a wide variety of security products including surveillance cameras with nighttime recording, lights, and alarms.

Intrusion Detection - Outdoor cameras are designed to work in all types of weather and low-light conditions, giving you reliable video footage. The system will send an alert to your security manager or whoever needs to respond to the situation.

Deter Theft - Visible security systems can deter criminals who do not want to risk being seen and caught, or having recorded security video turned over to police for an investigation.

Active Intervention with Remote Guards - One popular security solution is a remote monitoring service, where trained experts watch your cameras to maintain security; these remote guards can react instantly to suspicious activity by triggering alarms, using speakers attached to the system to alert would-be thieves that they have been spotted, and calling the police.

Reduce Risk - Reducing the risk of crime, and the time and material loss from theft, will increase your business profits and reduce risk.

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To learn more about outdoor perimeter security, give us a call to speak to one of our outdoor security experts. We will assess your needs and budget to determine the best solution for your project.

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