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Video surveillance is not always just for security, but useful for unique applications such as animal monitoring & time lapse scenes.

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Video Surveillance Goes Beyond Security

Video surveillance systems are not only used for security purposes but unique applications as well. We’ve worked with a diverse range of customers, from property owners and zoos to video production artists and animal researchers to ensure their video monitoring needs are met. Today, there are a wide variety of industries and submarkets that count on IP video cameras to record unique events and occurrences.

Video Surveillance is used in the Following Applications:

  • Observational research
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Time lapse videos
  • Real-time weather updates
  • Tourism videos
  • Animal behavioral studies
  • Film projects

Video for Animal Monitoring

Scientists who study the behavior and patterns of animals don’t always have the resources to do so on a daily or nightly basis. Because of this limitation, many scientists, interns, and species specialists count on day/night video surveillance cameras to film the behavior of animals that are often difficult to see and view close up. See how an IP video surveillance played a key role in the monitoring of Pandas in China, a species with askew breeding tendencies in one of our many case studies.

Time Lapse Video

Time lapse videos are used for a variety of media, government, construction, and corporate projects, ranging from the build-out of a new facility to road pavement work and creative art videos. Video surveillance can monitor events and actions 24-7 to make certain that every detail is recorded.

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