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Reduce retail shrinkage and improve loss prevention efforts with powerful video surveillance solutions precisely built for retail businesses.

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Protect Your Retail Business

Theft is a real and insidious threat to both retail and office environments, resulting in billions of dollars in losses each year. Arming your facility with a video surveillance system is essential to thwarting theft in the workplace.

Benefits of Retail Video Surveillance

  • Prevent employee and customer theft
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Reclaim losses
  • Improve employee behavior
  • Instill a safer working environment
  • Reduce liability

HD Resolution for Pristine Detail

Catching theft on video is not nearly as valuable as being able to identify the person who did it. Investing in an IP video surveillance system with 720p or 1080p HD resolution provides the level of image detail needed to make a positive identification. Low resolution security cameras, which are most often CCTV systems, can produce grainy images that make it virtually impossible to identify distinguishing features on a person. When you speak to us, we’ll assess whether 720p or 1080p suits your loss prevention needs.

Experts at What We Do

To find out more on how a professionally designed video surveillance system can bolster your loss prevention efforts, give us a call to speak to one of our security integration experts. We will carefully assess your needs and budget to determine the best possible surveillance solution for your project.

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