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Effectively control the crowd and safety of attendants at your next event with a high-powered video surveillance system.

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Instantly Strengthen Crowd Control Efforts

Event security is an imperative measure to ensure that public events remain under control at all times. Whether it’s viewing the parking lot or keeping an eye on spectators at an event such as a football game, you can deter and catch any suspicious acts such as illegal drinking, theft and harassment. We’ve worked with prominent clients from all industries, helping them to drastically improve crowd control efforts and stop violent acts before they occur with HD IP video surveillance.

Modern Video Surveillance Systems Have Numerable Advantages:

  • Improve crowd control efforts
  • Faster response times from security personnel
  • Increase safety among the public
  • Prevent violence, harassment, and theft at events
  • Count or keep track of number of attendants
  • Zoom in on suspicious acts or behavior
  • Enhances evidentiary value of video for prosecutions

Consider PTZ Cameras at Your Next Event

PTZ IP cameras are a popular and recommended solution for large events, as they cover a wide swath of space. Built with 360-degree endless pan, many of the modern PTZ cameras deliver best-in-class resolution paired with hundreds of PTZ presets and optical/digital zoom. The zoom feature is critical to event management, as security staff can narrow in on any suspicious activity to see close-up detail. Find out some of the most effective PTZ cameras by connecting with one of our event video surveillance specialists.

Experts at What We Do

For more information on event video surveillance, call us now. One of our video surveillance experts will carefully assess your needs and budget to determine the best possible security camera solution for your project.

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