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Video Surveillance for Pets

Recent numbers show that 63% of US households own a pet - that's 71.1 million homes and families with dogs, cats, iguanas, parakeets, fish, ferrets and potbellied pigs. Animal companionship is often a valuable part of a pet owner's life, and owner and pet can form deep relationships that span many years. Surveillance cameras for pets, especially mobile anmials like dogs and cats, can help assure their owners of their pets well-being while out of town, or ensure that dogs and cats don't cause damage while the owner is away. Surveillance cameras for pets are the perfect solution for the concerned pet owner.

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Benefits of PetCams

Keep Pets Safe - IP cameras near kennels, cages and enclosures allow owners to check up on animals while at work or away from home. Using network-enabled cameras means that owners can check in on beloved pets whenever they feel like it, from a computer or cell phone.

Track Pet Movement - Modern IP security cameras with motion detectors can notify owners when pets enter rooms - perfect for the watchful, caring owner, or for the pet who can't stay away from fragile furniture and collectibles. Set cameras in areas where pets commonly enter and exit, and watch the alerts come in (by email or in some cases, by phone)

Catch special moments - pets often provide hilarious and touching respites from everyday life, and many of these can happen during the work day or go unnoticed. Not with a petcam! Catch all the hilarious moments - whether it's a cat playing with a string or a fish doing some topsy-turvy aqua acrobatics, you won't miss a thing with a petcam.

Risks of PetCams

Breaking - Cameras placed low on the ground or in a room with an animal run the risk of being broken, especially with an active pet like a dog or cat. This risk is reduced with enclosed animals like rodents or reptiles, and fish in an aquarium.

IP Camera Configurations for Pet Monitoring

Video surveillance solutions for petcams are dependent on many different factors. Consider each of the following when purchasing and installing your security cameras:

  • What kind of animal or animals do you want to monitor?
  • Where do you want pet cams to record?
  • What kind of activity do you want to capture?

Animal Surveillance Camera Setup Advice

  • Place cameras in areas you know pets frequent
  • For observing animals in cages, aquariums or other enclosures, take care to put the camera in a location that captures as much as the area as possible, but does not have a lot of glare from incoming light or is far enough away that it is away from any possible danger.
  • For outdoor pets, place your camera in a protective enclosure.
  • Consider an IP camera with remotely controlled Pan/Tilt/Zoom capabilities for on-the-go configurations.
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