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October 2011

Megapixel IP Cameras

Megapixel IP Cameras - Megapixel cameras up the ante for video surveillance by providing much higher image resolution than traditional security cameras. Megapixel cameras are any cameras with over one million pixels. Most are rated 1.3 megapixels. The improved resolution results in clearer images and a wider field of view without losing any image detail. Megapixel cameras are also typically less light sensitive than non-megapixel cameras.

Megapixel Specialist Arecont Vision - Focused exclusively on megapixel technology, Arecont Vision offers an impressive selection of megapixel cameras and lenses. An industry-leader in megapixel IP cameras, Arecont Vision’s line of cameras offers solutions up to 10-megapixels and is compatible with most video management software and network video recorder (NVR) servers.

September 2011

PTZ Cameras Benefit Wide Area Surveillance Projects

PTZ Cameras Benefit Wide Area Surveillance Projects - Unlike fixed cameras, PTZ network cameras use pan/tilt/zoom functionality to monitor wider areas and zero in on specific individuals, objects, or events. Most PTZ cameras offer both manual and automatic PTZ control along with optical zoom.

Axis P5522 and P5522-E PTZ IP Cameras - The Axis P5522 indoor and the Axis P5522-E outdoor day/night PTZ IP cameras combine advanced functions with an easy-to-install interface. The camera comes with day/night functionality allowing it to maintain high image quality even in low light conditions. Support for wide dynamic range and progressive scan produce sharp images with compensation for complex and backlit lighting.

August 2011

10% off All Vivotek IP Cameras

10% off All Vivotek IP Cameras - Vivotek cameras are known for their innovative camera designs that use the latest advances in IP surveillance technology. We’re celebrating Vivotek’s impressive product catalog by offering 10% off all Vivotek IP cameras in August.

New Vivotek IP Cameras - Speaking of Vivotek, we recently added three new Vivotek cameras to the VideoSurveillance.com IP camera roster that demonstrate the versatility and range of functionalities available from Vivotek. The IP8132 H.264 indoor IP camera provides megapixel surveillance in a compact package. Discreet, the camera offers a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels at 30 frames per second.

July 2011

HDTV IP Cameras

HDTV IP Cameras - When detail is critical, video surveillance users are increasingly turning to HDTV IP cameras to provide improved image quality. Just as HDTV has become the standard for home entertainment, the desire for better image quality has also been extended to the security camera world.

Axis M5013 and M5014 Compact Indoor PTZ IP Cameras - Palm-sized and ultra-discreet, the compact Axis M5013 and M5014 Indoor PTZ IP Cameras are ideal for use in video surveillance configurations where discretion is a priority. The cameras’ compact housing makes itself well-suited for use in retail stores, restaurants, office lobbies, banks, hotels and more. With IP51-rated housing, the cameras are protected from dust and dripping. The Axis cameras can even continue recording when a sprinkler system is activated.

June 2011

Outdoor IP Cameras

Outdoor IP Cameras - Setting up a surveillance system outside presents challenges not encountered when configuring an indoor security camera system. Installing an exterior system requires taking a number of factors into consideration including the weather, variable lighting conditions, and possible vandalism or tampering. With today’s outdoor IP cameras, tackling those challenges head on is not a problem thanks to technology that wards off some of the problems that can be encountered when placing a surveillance system outdoors.

Sony HD Day/Night IP Cameras - Speaking of outdoor video surveillance, these four new cameras from Sony offer impressive protection from the elements while also providing HDTV-quality images. The cameras are designed to withstand outdoor use with IP66-rated housing and built-in heaters. HD (1920 x 1080p) picture quality at 30 frames per second and IR illuminators ensure that you’ll capture high-resolution images day and night.

May 2011

Home Video Surveillance Systems

Home Video Surveillance Systems - Safety is often a top priority for homeowners, and adding a home video surveillance system can go a long way to providing peace of mind. Homes and residential areas are ideal locations for the versatile and easy security IP camera technology offers. With easy-to-install, flexible IP video surveillance systems, homeowners can easily keep track of their property at all times.

4 Camera Entry IP Camera System with NVR - For those looking for a starter indoor video surveillance package that won’t break the bank, the 4 Camera Entry IP Camera System with NVR is an ideal solution. The IP camera system comes with 4 Vivotek IP7133 indoor cameras, a 4-channel QNAP VioStor NVR, 1 TB of storage space and all necessary cabling.

April 2011

Using Wireless Network Cameras

Using Wireless Network Cameras - Freedom is the name of the game when it comes to setting up an IP surveillance system using wireless network cameras. Using cameras equipped with Wi-Fi technology removes some of the challenges that can occur during installation, allows users to place cameras wherever video security is needed, and provides discreet surveillance when needed.

Vivotek IP7134 - The Vivotek IP7134 offers an affordable and easy-to-use wireless IP indoor home surveillance solution. Compact and discreet, the IP7134 packs sophisticated surveillance functionality into a small package. With built-in 802.11 b/g WLAN capability the camera can be placed virtually anywhere without the need to figure out wiring logistics.

March 2011

Axis Whitepaper Reveals Lower IP Surveillance System Costs

Axis Whitepaper Reveals Lower IP Surveillance System Costs - For a long time the video surveillance industry has had an analog-is-cheaper way of thinking. A new Axis whitepaper, however, recently found that due to improvements in IP technology, recording and storage products the overall costs for IP-based systems are improving and are even lower than analog systems in some configurations.

Mobotix T24 Video Door Station - With the Mobotix T24 Video Door Station, the doorbell gets a high-tech makeover. The innovative module combines a high-resolution camera with a keypad to control access and monitor entrances to homes, office buildings, warehouse facilities, and more. The T24 comes with a 3.1 megapixel 180° hemispheric door camera that captures the entire scene with no blind spots: wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling.

February 2011

Around the Clock Surveillance with Day/Night Network Cameras

Around the Clock Surveillance with Day/Night Network Cameras - Day/night network cameras provide around the clock surveillance in environments where artificial light is restricted. The specialized IP cameras are equipped with technology to automatically adjust to handle light-challenged situations, providing high-caliber images 24/7.

Product Focus: Vivotek IP8151 - When it comes to capturing clear and detailed images at night, the Vivotek IP8151 Supreme Night Visibility network camera delivers impressive results. The IP8151 fixed network camera comes with the ability to capture color footage at night and in low visibility conditions. With 1.3 megapixel resolution, the IP camera delivers sharp, clear details in color.

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