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Experts in Video Surveillance & Security Camera Systems

Published by Kellly on March 27, 2014 10:46 AM was recently featured on the Portland Business Journal’s website, discussing the business’s growth and the IP camera industry. has customers in 48 countries worldwide, with 125 customers just in the Portland, Oregon area.

According to President Josh Daniels, “If you think about how important smart phones and tablets have become, IP video surveillance plays right into that. It allows people to access their surveillance through these devices anywhere and anytime.”

Along with providing professional IP camera surveillance systems, the crowdsourced camera mapping program CommunityCam is working to help people locate security cameras that may have recorded a crime or accident.

Read the full article online.


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Published by Kellly on March 19, 2014 11:14 AM

If you’re looking for powerful new video surveillance cameras and NVRs, we recently added new products to the online store!

For durable cameras, new Axis Q60-S PTZ dome cameras come in a special stainless steel housing that withstands corrosion from salt water and harsh cleaning chemicals. The Axis Q6044-S offers 720p HD resolution and 30x optical zoom, while the Axis Q6045-S model has 1080p HD resolution and 20x optical zoom. The camera domes can also be filled with pressurized nitrogen gas to prevent internal condensation and create a non-flammable environment.

If your camera doesn’t have to be quite that resilient, the Vivotek FD8371EV camera is designed for outdoor surveillance with an IP66 and IK10-rated housing to withstand weather and vandalism. This camera has 3MP resolution at 30 fps (1080p at 60 fps) for detailed video surveillance, and built-in IR illuminators for recording at night.

And if you need a NVR to manage your new surveillance cameras, industry-leading Milestone has introduced their new Husky line. The Husky M10 supports up to 8 cameras, and comes with 1TB of storage. For larger systems with more cameras, the Husky M30 allows you to choose either 10 or 20 camera channels. And for enterprise systems with large numbers of cameras and security equipment, the Husky M50 has options for 10, 20, 40, or 80 camera channels. All Husky NVRs come with a three year software upgrade plan and manufacturer warranty, and support Milestone XProtect VMS software and add-ons.

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Published by Kellly on March 6, 2014 10:42 AM

We’ve added new technology pages to the Learning Center, so you can better understand how IP surveillance cameras work! These technology pages explain what the camera or software feature is, how it works, and some suggested applications.

If you’re looking to save time while reviewing surveillance videos, our new Smart Search page explains how you can set up searches to look only for motion in the videos that matches you search settings. This helps you quickly find only relevant videos, and prevents time spent manually watching each clip.

Worried about your surveillance camera being vandalized? Tamper detection settings in your camera can be set up to send you alerts when the camera is hit, the view is blocked, or the camera focus is obscured. These alerts let you know when something has happened, so you can log into your system to see the problem.

If you are recording surveillance video in a narrow area like a hallway, stairwell, or down a long driveway, Corridor Format may help you get the best quality video from your camera. This unique way of recording video uses a vertical orientation, so your camera can focus on the area in front of it and not the walls or blank spaces it would record with the standard horizontal format.

Screenshot of Axis Corridor Format:

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Published by Ellen on February 24, 2014 2:37 PM

If your video surveillance system is managed by Milestone XProtect VMS software, then this feature might appeal to your organization or business. Video Push, a Milestone Mobile Client add-on feature, makes it even easier to collect video evidence by using your own mobile device’s camera. This feature is beneficial to several applications, including parking lot monitoring, building surveillance, event security, and more.

As a way to obtain further video evidence, you can record an incident or investigation with your smartphone (i.e. an Android or iPhone) through Milestone Video Push. You can send the recorded video stream to your Milestone XProtect video management system, where you’ll be able to take advantage of the same high-level features that apply to your IP surveillance cameras like sequence explorer and video timeline searches.

The innovative feature is a must-have for security officers and managers when out patrolling. Learn more about Video Push by clicking here.

Video Push Screenshot

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Published by Ellen on January 22, 2014 8:35 AM

Just yesterday, released a new case study focusing on a car dealership's decision to arm its facility with high-definition IP cameras.

With no surveillance system to watch over its dealership, showroom, and indoor offices, Instant Auto Finance sought out the expertise of to design a security solution that included eight outdoor cameras and two indoor cameras, including a PTZ camera with mobile viewing capability.

Prior to investing in an IP camera system, Instant Auto Finance had a car stolen off its lot, prompting the need for outdoor security. Once Instant Auto Finance deployed the new indoor/outdoor system configured by, the company was able to use it to identify an individual suspected of stealing cash inside the building.

You can read the entire story by visiting our Case Studies page. You'll also find several other case studies, highlighting our work with a number of reputable companies and organizations.

Below is an actual view of the company's showroom through the eyes of a HD PTZ camera. The system's mobile viewing app allows the user to check in on live video feed at any time.


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Published by Ellen on January 3, 2014 10:16 AM

The elementary and middle schools in the tight-knit town of Welches, Oregon have upgraded security over the holiday break, which includes a brand new surveillance camera system located in the front entrance area.

The new camera system will be trained on school visitors, enabling office personnel to monitor the visitor vestibule and speak with all guests before allowing them into the school.

As reported in the Mountain Times, Principal Kendra Payne remarked, “I think all of our community and parents are supportive of keeping our students safe… I know we feel more secure in the office.”

Prior to the increase in security, visitors were able to come into the school and pick up their children without proper identification. Now, parents will need to wait in the vestibule to speak with office personnel before their children are released to them.

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Published by Ellen on December 12, 2013 9:47 AM

The Dollar General Store in Clinton, South Carolina was recently targeted by an unabashed thief, who ran out of the store with several dollars’ worth of edible items. The furry thief was caught hours later, thanks to the store’s front entrance surveillance cameras. In the video you see the thief -- who happens to be a Husky pooch named Cato -- entering the store and then moments later dashing out as quickly as possible with stolen dog treats.

“Arrested” by Clinton’s police, Cato was charged with shoplifting, but was later released to his owner. Why would Cato feel the need to commit such a crime? “Look at him, he’s fat,” said his owner, Holly Darden. This is not the first time he’s gotten into trouble with the law; according to Darden he’s hit up a Pizza Hut and Ingles Grocery Store to satisfy his criminal craving for stolen food. Watch the video below:

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Published by Ellen on December 4, 2013 9:50 AM

Charged with second degree fraud, a man in Washington, D.C. staged a slip-and-fall with a banana peel while riding an elevator at the Potomac Avenue Metro Station. When the elevator opened, he walked onto the banana peel and fell to the floor causing a fictitious hip and leg injury.

The perpetrator immediately filed a $15,000 lawsuit against the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority for his purported injuries, which turned out to be completely false after a video surfaced. The video clip captured by a surveillance camera shows the man drop the banana peel on the elevator floor then look directly at the camera perched above him. To read the full story, click here. We’ve posted the video of the incident below.

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Published by Ellen on December 2, 2013 8:34 AM, an online news source covering Boulder County, Denver, featured a buzz-worthy piece on's CommunityCam initiative on December 1st, 2013. The article attracted attention from numerous readers, further demonstrating its powerful impact on the community at large. You can read the full article here.


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Published by Ellen on November 21, 2013 1:20 PM

Interested in learning more about IP video surveillance technology? Well, now you can thanks to our new technology section in our learning center. Our technology pages cover important topics like wide dynamic range, Power over Ethernet, HD video resolution and more. If you’re new to surveillance technology or want to brush up on your knowledge, we recommend reading each overview.

On every page, you’ll learn about the basics of the technology or function, the purpose that it serves, how it works, and other tips and suggestions. Pop on over today in our technology section and find out how technologies like edge recording and PTZ cameras can benefit your long-term security plan.


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