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Top Cop Blog Winners 2012

It’s time to announce the winners of this year’s Top Cop Blog contest. We want to thank the large number of cop blogs that entered our contest. We value your contribution to the law enforcement communities, and are impressed with the wide range of topics that each blog addresses. Our top cop blog winners were chosen based on the quality of content and their relevancy to law enforcement. The top cop blogs of 2012 are highlighted below with accompanying content descriptions.

The Cold Case Squad

The Cold Case Squad is a homicide and missing persons portal that aims to help law enforcement and families reach closure one case at a time. The blog’s primary focus is to draw attention to cold cases and bring them back to the front line of investigators and the public. The goal is to generate leads and tips that will actually solve the crime by allowing actual family members and friends to post articles about their loved ones.

Police Mental Health

Police Mental Health is an educational blog for police officers covering the topics of police stress and wellness. Blog author Jeff Shannon is both a police officer and licensed mental health practitioner who specializes in police stress and wellness. The blog fills a huge gap by providing high quality content on an often overlooked, yet vitally important aspect of policing: the law enforcement officer's mental health.

Duke’s Daily Blotter

Duke’s Daily Blotter delivers law enforcement related news from the Chicago metropolitan area and the nation. The blog provides information on Illinois public pensions, and helps to protect police officers’ rights. Content comes from a combination of stories from various news outlets and unique contributions by the blog owner. Additionally, the blog covers stories centered on officers killed in the line of duty in the U.S. and corruption activity in local community governments.

Bad Luck Detective

Bad Luck Detective gives a unique perspective on law enforcement from Suzie Ivy, who attended and graduated the police academy at the age of 45. She was the first female officer hired, and now works as a detective specializing in sex crimes in a rural Arizona community. Her blog brings humor, true-life adventure, and sometimes heartache describing the demanding job of law enforcement. She shares everything, ranging from her personal mistakes to her awesome triumphs while finding the way through life in blue with a smile.


Motorcopblog started as a forum for the author to vent his frustrations of dealing with the motoring public on a daily basis. In the last 4+ years, the blog has become "edutainment" with a worldwide following that chronicles the amusing, serious, ridiculous, and educational aspects of his job as a motor officer. The author is one of the few LEOs that has maintained a consistent presence in both blog form and social media.

Just a Cop

Just A Cop is a blog about police work, first line supervision, chaplaincy, and a few other miscellaneous topics. Just A Cop strives to push the envelope and promote outside-the-box thinking when it comes to leadership. It’s unique in that it doesn't promote the status quo. Instead, it is written through the eyes of someone who is bent on breaking the current models of police leadership and encouraging others to do the same.

The Boogie Man is My Friend

The Boogie Man is My Friend contains true life stories from an older woman's perspective as a police officer, which includes life behind the scenes, in front of the scenes, and in between. The author strives to offer a real glimpse into law enforcement that isn’t always sugarcoated. She says, “People always ask what keeps me sane. It’s humor. Being a police officer isn’t like Law and Order all the time; it’s more like Reno 911.”

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