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Best Police Blogs of 2012 is pleased to announce the most engaging and informative police department blogs of the year. This year’s finalists have demonstrated their ability to provide up-to-date stories and tips covering crime, community events, and safety practices. To determine the winners, we looked carefully at the blog’s content, interaction with its readers, and overall design and tone. The Best Police Blogs of 2012 are listed below with accompanying descriptions and key highlights.

Houston Police Department Blog

Houston Police Department Blog delivers thoughtful, cleverly written content that is often humorous in nature. Full of fascinating stories and crime notifications, the blog features “Funny Friday” images to appeal to its readers. You might even find a movie review or two woven in! Some of the blog’s notable posts include: Officers in Action stories, law enforcement awards, cool graphics for recruiting new officers, and guest posts from readers.

Wrentham Police Department Blog

The Wrentham Police Department Blog provides current criminal activity notifications and public safety information that can be accessed through any number of social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Nixle. In other words, it’s a comprehensive tool that seamlessly connects the community to the agency’s policing and public safety effort. Through social media channels, the WPDB is able to immediately notify its followers when there is breaking news or information. It has directly contributed to crime solving, locating missing persons, and community crime prevention efforts, and now serves as a model for surrounding public safety agencies who find it difficult to maintain and manage web pages.

Philadelphia Police Department Blog

The Philadelphia Police Department Blog’s number one goal is to engage the community. There are two separate, but equally important, pieces that are used to accomplish this goal. The first part is the release of crime surveillance videos. These videos depict a broad range of crimes from every part of the metropolis that is Philadelphia. It is the blog’s aim to deliver these videos to Philadelphia citizens when and where they choose to consume them so that they may take an active role in making the city a safer place to live and work. The second piece involves giving its citizens an inside look at the moving parts of the department. The PPD blog will often publish unit and personnel profiles, examples of great police-work, and various career milestones and high-profile retirements. Stories like these allow it to showcase the good work law officers do for the city’s citizens.

Warner Robins Police Department Blog

The Warner Robins Police Department blog is designed to offer information and insight about the events involving the agency. The blog successfully presents a more personable image of agency to the public. Always up-to-date, the blog gives readers more details in the individual posts than they would normally see on the department’s Facebook or Twitter pages. Readers can find information about the latest media releases, major incidents, and the smaller events that make the agency stand out above the rest.

Johnson City Police Department Blog

The JCPD blog brings real-time information to real people. The blog has generated nearly a quarter million page views since its inception. Through the magic of automation and integration the department is able to post to its site as soon as an event or story happens. You’ll find news releases, videos, and active amber alerts for missing children on this smartly designed blog. The articles and news releases are well written, and provide the community members with important details on how they can combat crime and stay safe.

Fife Police Department Blog

The Fife Police Department Blog keeps citizens of Fife informed about the police activity in their community and aims to keep the levels of crime to a minimum. Many of its posts offer crime statistics, giving citizens critical information on where, when, and how often crimes occur. These statistics are displayed in eye-catching infographics such as pie charts and bar graphs. Newsworthy, informative, and engaging best describe the FPDB blog.

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